The base is made of SPCC1.2cold-roll steel sheets,the main body and drawers are made of SPCC 0.8 cold-roll steel sheets.A total of 84 drawers(12 layers and 7 drawers in each layer)accommodate up to 75,600 microscope slides with 900 in each drawer.ABS sliding rails underneath the drawers offer smooth sliding while inside hidden locks prevent unexpected opening.The handles are made of chrome-coated ABS.The interior space of each drawer is divided into two sections to make filing more convenient.The surface of the cabinet was subject to a series of treatments,including oil removal,conditioning,zinc phosphate coating,sandblasting,and powder-spray coating.

The slots are specifically manufactured using a metal mold.The labeling slots are manufactured through an integrated stamping and forming operation.Each drawer can be individually locked and this technology is in the process of patent application.



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